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Guy Pringle

Full Name: Guy Pringle
Age: 16
Years Skating: Some
Last Trick Learnt: Switch F/S 180, Half Cab Noseslide
Favourite Tricks: Pass
Favourite Skaters: Louie Barletta, Arto Saari & some others
Favourite Videos: Tilt Mode Army: Man Down, Real : Reel to Real
Current Setup: Skateboard with some other bits to make it go (he actually has an Antihero Tony Trujillo deck, with Tracker trucks, blank wheels and Speed Metal bearings, and he wears Vans Tony Trujillo shoes).

If I find out you've changed it, there's going to be trouble. For you .

D O N ' T D O I T !

(I didn't really change it, I just added a few extra bits)