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Scott McLachlan

Gettin' ready to go for a skate - yeah right.

Full Name: Scott Fisher McLachlan
Age: 16
Years Skating: 2
Last Trick Learnt: Crappy f/s tailslides
Favourite Tricks: Ollie (or FS Shifty), FS and BS 180, FS Boardslide, Switchflip, FS 5-0.
Favourite Skaters: Mark Appleyard, Koston, Tony Trujillo, Kerry Getz, Daniel Shimizu, Chris Cole, Colt Cannon, Mike Taylor, Gareth Stehr and way too many others.
Favourite Videos: Transworld - In Bloom, AWS - Photosynthesis, Foundation - Nervous Breakdown, Zero - Misled Youth, CHOMP ON THIS!
Current Setup: Hardcore 7.6 blank, Royal trucks, Irrom ABEC 3 bearings, blank wheels, nice orange Monkey Nuts and Globe team shoes.