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Dan Joyce

Click on a picture to view it in a separate window.

Backside slider on Leon's ghetto box.

Dude, love the pants. Gap ollie, the Wharf.

You can't actually tell, but Dan painted a Chomp logo on his chest for this shot. Chomp on this - massive kicker gap ollie.

Apparently this photo has great composition - ollie Wrightson's gap.

Dan has this trick absolutely down pat - f/s half-cab gap to footpath at the Coolstores.

He hasn't skated for months and he learnt these in a day - b/s tailslizza on the wee box.

Here's the Coolstores again - this time at the big end. B/S 180 over the ledge to drop.

The king of setup skating - gap ollie to manual at the school with some idiot camera-man in tow.