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UPDATE: 15 April 2003

I'll be getting the comp photos back today, maybe scan in the negatives tonight (that is if we don't go down to the park) - hopefully I won't have screwed them all up - I was using a different camera than usual so I'm not absolutely sure they'll all be perfect. Check back tomorrow for the snaps. The Videos are definitely up and running again too.

UPDATE: 12 April 2003

Haven't updated for about a month - what's gotten into me? Anyway, the Otago Regional Champs were held today, so I thought I'd better update the site - I shot off a film today at the skatepark so expect some sick contest photos soon - maybe tomorrow. I've got a black & white film to finish too, so there should be photos galore over the next week or two (it's our school holidays so there's plenty of time to skate). Check back tomorrow for news on the new photos and the contest reults (Sam Wood won the Open section, by the way). Oh yeah, apparently the videos weren't working, but that's all fixed now.

UPDATE: 17 March 2003

Whoa, haven't I been slack. There's a couple new photos up, just in the Misc section, plus a new-old shot of me, before the broken arm. Check that out here. Our skatepark's almost finished, it's maybe a week away I'd say. Look out for some park footy soon.

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