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Max Bellamy

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Check out the ancient gear - f/s 180 off the old kicker.

Sick fakie 3 flip at Dunstan High, Alexandra.

Max and his bloody flippy things - bank b/s heelflip.

That graffiti just cracks me up - Max, flippin' olives.

I couldn't resist - here's oliveflip no. 2, Coolstores.

Flip trick? Nope, nollie 360 goin' blind on the hipple (hip-nipple).

Mac Bay re-pre-sent! Ghetto kicker shiftyflip at the School.

Max busts a trademark 3 flip on the hipped nipple - that's hipple for short.

Here's another snap from the weekend's kicker session - switch backside 180 off the kicker.

Check out that style - switch f/s noseslide on the big box, smooth like butter. And this was his warm-up trick!

Trick number 2 from Thursday's gear session was a kicker frontside flip, and from the start Maxfield had them dialed. Check out the height on that puppy.

I took so many sick photos of this I just had to do a double angle thing, so here's frontside flipper numero dos.

Max was just ripping on the kickers - first shot frontside 180 at the School.

As our mate Thadeus would say in his squeaky half-broken voice: "That was boned to the baddest!". And he'd be right - floaty ollie through the fence.

Here's a typically dreary Dunedin setting for you. Nollie f/s tailslide at the new spot.

Flippin' it up - 360 flip fakie at the Coolstores.