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Miscellaneous Photos

Max is the only person to "lay the hammer" down on this monster 12-stair rail. B/S buttslide, sickness.

Seeing as I can pull nosegrinds off now I was gonna put this on my photo page. Then I realised that'd be cheating. Setup F/S nosegrind to bail @ the School.

And the award for Poser of the Month goes to...Max Bellamy!

Max always seems to be doing stupid stuff. Ice-cream slide on the now redundant tiny rail.

Someone can't use a camera properly. Oh well, got my fave two tricks in one shot. Crazy double-exposure f/s 5-0-f/s boardslide on the wharf ledge.

Here's another great example of how camera-phobic we are. I still haven't figured out how this happenend, but it still makes a pretty cool photo - Max being an idiot on his ramp - twice.

You know I'm gonna win Poser of the Month on the Thrasher site with this f/s bluntslide effort.

Finally the Dunedin City Council has started on our skatepark, and as you can see the contractors are hard at work to get it finished ASAP. Looks like they've even started on the pyramid funbox. Not bad, considering they've had 4 years to plan it.

The Southern Alps actually have some decent skate spots. Ah, the wonders of Paint Shop Pro. 360 flipper/trampoline jump on holiday.

Max Bellamy - How to Look Stupid.

Max Bellamy - How to Look Stupid Part 2 @ School Athletics.

Dan just loves taking stupid photos when I leave my camera lying around.

You'd think it would take them less than three weeks to lay a couple slabs of concrete.