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Scott McLachlan

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Setup f/s slider at the School.

Check out the arty black 'n' white shot. Heelflip fakie, Dunstan High.

All my old photos are pretty average - probably cause I'm the best photographer. I like this though - minimum tail-scrape 5-0 @ the School.

Stylish b/s boardslide on Max's ghetto rail.

Frontside boardslide to pop out at the Wharf in my magic flare jeans.

Hubba hubba - f/s 50-50 on holiday in Alexandra.

This has gotta be the best feeling trick ever - frontside shifty at the School.

Yet another f/s boardslide shot to add to my photos page - at least this one's switch. Swfsbs from the other side.

More kicker action - poppy b/s 180 at the School.

This spot is so much fun to skate, there's not only a ledge but a gap-drop thing too. Ollie out over the ledge, Quality Bakers construction site.

When I first saw this ledge, I promised all the guys I would do it. That was more than a year ago now, but I kept my promise. F/S 50-50 over the big 4's in the centre of town.

I was in two minds about putting this shot up when I first got it, but seeing as I'm a little out of action at the moment I figured it's better than nothing. Phat pre-injury ollie at the School.