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360 Flip

There are many crucial points when it comes to 360 flips and they takes a long time to get used to, so don’t expect to be landing them in a hurry. It definitely helps if you can kickflip and at least b/s pop shove-it consistently. 360 flips are also sometimes called trey flips, treflips, 3 flips, 3-0 flips etc (in case you were wondering).

Description: The skater pops the tail backside, causing the board to spin 360 degrees like a 360 shove-it, while at the same time using their front foot to send the board into a kickflip motion. The skater does not follow the board.

For a nice 360 flip, your front foot should be nearly parallel to the side of you deck, with your toes in about the middle of your deck. Your back foot should be on the toe edge of you kick, again using the ball of your toe to pop.

When you pop, you back foot swings round behind you and your front foot needs to go straight up towards the nose of your deck. These last two movements really need to be exaggerated or it wont flip or spin properly.

The deck should spin fast and high. Keep your legs high and bring them down hard and fast to catch your deck once it comes around for 360. Keep balanced and roll away. Enjoy lots.

Don't be too worried if 360 flips don't come easily straight away. For most of us, 360 flips are only going to be learnt by just skating heaps and trying out different foot positionings, weight placements etc. Just keep trying until you feel comfortable with them.