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Backside Boardslide
by Scott McLachlan

Backside boardslides are one of the most popular and recognised rail tricks in skating, and are also one of the easiest. I’d say the majority of skaters learn the b/s version first (not everyone, but the majority), as it’s mentally an easier trick – you can see where you’re going the whole time. You’ll want to know how to ollie for this trick, and possibly how to f/s 180.

Description: The skater rolls up backside to a slide-able object and ollies over and onto it so the board is sliding on the object between both sets of trucks, with the skater on top. The skater is facing forwards throughout the slide.

You’ll definitely want a flatbar or a double-sided ledge or curb to learn this trick on, so go find something suitable.

OK, approach the object (let’s call it a rail) backside (with your back facing it) at a medium speed with your feet in a regular ollie position. As with any slide or grind trick, you have to use your own judgement for the speed of your approach, depending on how slippery the rail is, or how far back you’re prepared to lean. It’s easiest to learn going at an average speed, but far easier to do well going fast.

Now you should be next to the rail. Pop a frontside 90° ollie onto the rail, making sure you get your back foot up and level with your front foot, and you’re ready to get sliding.

Sliding a boardslide can be a right pain in the ass at first – you really just need a bit of confidence in yourself and your skating ability. It’s something you’ll pick up fairly quickly though. Seeing as this is probably one of your first slide tricks, I’ll get into it in more detail.

Sliding depends on 3 main things:
1- How slippery the rail is
2- How fast you’re going, and
3- How you position your weight.

All three of these factors combine together to get a slide going. For example, if you’re going slow, and the rail isn’t waxed, you’re probably not going to slide at all. However, if you lean back really far you might be able to push your way through the boardslide. On the other hand, if you’re going really fast, and the rail is really slippery, you’re probably going to slip out onto your ass unless you lean forward a bit. Sliding depends on more than just one thing – don’t just wax the rail up and expect to slide automatically – you need to work on everything, especially balance.

Now after you’ve got sliding down, there’s the simple matter of coming out and landing. As you approach the end of the slide, turn your body the direction you want to come out – turning out to regular is probably easier, whereas landing fakie can be a bit off-putting. It’s all about personal preference.

That’s about it, remember to have fun and slam a lot.