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The Backside Pop Shove-It

The backside pop shove-it is a very basic move which I actually learnt before I could even ollie. It is the foundation of many more complex flip tricks, and is also used as a “flip in / flip out” type of trick for grind and slide combos. Also, most people with refer to the backside variation of the pop shove-it as plainly the "pop shove-it", as the backside part is usually taken for granted.

Description: The skater pops the tail, causing the board to rotate 180 degrees backside. The skater does not follow the board.

OK, foot positioning. When you first start doing shove-its, you should place your back foot on the tail, with your toes slightly towards the toe side of the board; your front just behind the front set of bolts. All your front foot really does is determine the height of the shove-it; the higher you lift it, the higher you shove-it.

When you pop the board, pull your back foot behind you in a kind of scoop movement, making the board spin 180 degrees backside. Concentrate on keeping your shoulders parallel to the original positioning of the deck, so you aren’t tempted to follow the board’s rotation.

The board should have rotated the full 180 degrees by the time it’s at the peak of it’s pop. Make sure this happens as it makes the catch more stable and it also looks a hellava lot better to the casual onlooker.

Catch the board with either both feet, or one after the other. It doesn’t particularly matter, but if you get into the habit of using both feet to catch, then it could help you while learning more complicated tricks.

As you get more confident with shove-its, bring your foot back towards the back set of bolts, and try for some sky-high shit.