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Frontside 5-0 Grind
by Scott McLachlan

After mastering the basic frontside 50-50, the next easiest grind is probably the frontside 5-0. Before learning this you should be good at ollies and f/s 50-50s, as well as just flatland manuals.

Description: The skater approaches a grind-able object frontside and ollies onto it, landing with the back truck on the edge so only the back truck is grinding.

Setting up for almost any grind is the same - just like the 50-50 you want to approach parallel or at a slight angle to your obstacle (boxes or low ledges work best) with your feet in ollie position. Make sure your weight is totally centred as you approach, no leaning forward or especially back (that's how you slip out).

When you get alongside the object, ollie up and over it just like you would for a 50-50, except while you're in the air, lean back slightly and apply pressure to your tail. This should cause your nose to lift into the air so only your back truck lands on the object, making it a 5-0 grind. This is how you do what most people would call a "perfect" 5-0, without tail-scraping. You have to use your front foot to stop your tail from scraping, while also keeping the weight on your back foot evenly balanced. It takes a bit of balance if it's a long grind, but if you're good at manuals, it shouldn't be too hard (otherwise just throw your arms around above your head like a wild-man).

However if you don't give a toss about tail-scrapes, the instead of leaning back slightly, just pull your front leg up without really levelling out, and stomp down on your tail, which is easier to learn (although easy to slip out of) and takes less effort balance-wise.

If you're having trouble with actually grinding, you can tweak your nose frontside away from the object so your board is crooked to it, which gives you a smoother grind (it's actually a salad grind but it doesn't matter). Otherwise, you're probably just going too slow.