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The Frontside 50-50 Grind

The Frontside 50-50 is one of, if not the most basic of all grind manoeuvres. Itís probably the trick thatís gonna get you into grinds, and can be varied in almost infinite ways.

Description: The skater approaches a grind-able object frontside and ollies onto it, grinding with both trucks.

Okay, find a decent curb or box or something you can grind on Ė I started on a low curb, but I find them easiest on a box with coping, or anything else metal.

Set up just like you would for an ollie, and ride at a moderate speed parallel to the object, or at a very slight angle. The more parallel you are, the cleaner the grind will be if all goes to plan.

When you get alongside the object, pop an ollie, and move your feet onto the object. You might think this feels damn weird at first, but hopefully the board should follow your feet, and land on the edge of the object. If youíre having trouble with this, practice ollieing onto the object stationary, using the same method as before. One thing though - when you ollie you should lean towards the object - this helps you to get onto the object and grind further.

Once youíve mastered getting onto the object, youíre ready to grind some shit up. The key to 50-50s and many other grinds on boxes or ledges is putting most of your pressure onto the wheels that are rolling on top of the object. This makes keeping your balance easier as itís basically just like riding on flat ground, and also helps to grind longer and faster. Make sure you are leaning towards the object when you ollie, and that you get most of your weight onto that side of your deck. In saying that though, donít slam your feet down too hard - be light on your feet.

Now itís time to come off. The easiest way is just riding off the end of the object, lifting your wheels like a manual at the end. However, popping off is definitely my favourite method. When your in your grind, try and get your back foot onto the tail like an ollie, and just pop it and level out with your front, effectively ollieing off the object. Looks better, and feels way smoother too.

As far as variations go, the possibilities are endless - 50-50 180 out, Pop Shove-It 50-50, Kickflip 50-50 - just experiment using tricks you can already do.