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Frontside Nosegrind

The frontside nosegrind is another trick which leads on from the f/s 50-50. It is relatively simple, however can be a little bit tricky to do consistently and cleanly. Learn f/s 50-50 grinds and how to nose manual on flat ground before trying this trick.

Description: The skater rolls up to a grindable object frontside and ollies onto it, with the front truck pressed down on the end of the object. The skater grinds the object, dismounts, and rolls away.

Try f/s nosegrinds on a low ledge, curb or box first. You'll want to approach facing the object (that's frontside) and be going reasonably fast, faster than when you learnt 50-50s. Also make sure the object (let's call it a ledge for arguments sake) is slippery, just keep on waxin' it up till it is. Both these things are very important, as you'll find out soon.

Make sure you ride up to the ledge at a slight angle, almost parallel but not quite, then crouch down and pop that ollie, just like you would a 50-50. Have your back foot on your tail, just like an ollie, and your front foot just behind your front bolts, two inches at the most (it'll vary from person to person). The only blindingly obvious difference is that you're gonna have to land on your nose, so instead of floating over the ledge and landing on both trucks, snap your tail and put weight on your nose, with your front foot just above your front bolts (not all the way on your nose, kinda still on your bolts but only half on). Your back foot should pretty much automatically be near your tail, possibly a little bit further back.

Grinding is fairly simple. Balancing is a must - you gotta keep that tippy-toed, perfectly balanced stance to get any points for style (which is the most important thing). In fact, balancing perfectly is probably easier to grind than a scrapy, shitty nosegrind, just so long as you remember these things. You have to have your front foot in about the same place every time you try one, 'cos you gotta get a rhythm goin' on. Also, you can't just throw all your weight forward and expect to land a nosegrind every try - although you do need to put weight on your front foot to get into position, you actually have to keep balanced almost like a 50-50, in fact leaning back can sometimes help.

Grinding's the easy part. Coming out can be a tad tricky. There's only one way to explain it - you've kinda gotta push your front foot forward and lean back just as you reach the end of the ledge. It's kinda vague, but if you try it, you'll see what I mean. It's kinda like doing a wee nollie off a curb - practice nollies off curbs (or even just nose manualing off curbs) to get the feel. And if you can't do that, then hopefully the speed and wax will get you through it without clipping your tail on the way out - ugly.