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Frontside Pop Shove-It

As far as shove-it moves go, the Frontside Pop Shove-It would have to be one of the trickiest. As the board is popped in the opposite direction of a regular backside shove-it, it makes it harder to a) spin the board underneath yourself, and b) get anywhere near landing it.

Description: The skater pops the board with his/her back foot, causing it to spin 180 degrees frontside. The skater does not turn with it.OK, this trick can be almost intimidating at first, because you have to put a lot of faith in your own judgement of how far you have to lean back before you pop. That’s the key to this trick – leaning back. But firstly, lets check out the foot positioning.Your back foot plays the biggest role in this trick. Place it on the heel side of your board, with you big toe in the concave. As for your front foot, I find that if I have my toes hanging over the toe side I tend to land a lot more stable than if I don’t. I think it's because I can get my front foot out of the way quickly when I pop. So put your front foot right behind the front bolts, with your toes hanging just off.

Now heres the backbone of the trick – as you set up to pop the board frontside, start leaning back. Lean on a slight angle – instead of leaning straight back lean slightly towards your tail as well. This fixes up a tendency to land in front of the nose after the pop.Just as you think you’re about to fall off behind your board, pop and push out with your back foot, causing the board to spin frontside (the tail will be visible right in front of you). You may need to level out with your front foot slightly, but otherwise just get it out of the way.

Now hopefully you should be centred above the board, ready to stomp your feet down. It should still feel like you are leaning back slightly just before you land, as the board can go some way behind you.Catch the board with both feet (or one a split-second before the other - probably front foot first), and hopefully roll away. If you are tending to fall off behind the board, then correct your pre-pop leaning until you feel comfortable with the landing.

The whole leaning back thing may feel a bit strange to you, but it's how I learnt the trick and evetually I didn't even think about it. If fact, I don't think I do lean back before I pop anymore, I must've adjusted my balance or somthing because I just pop them and catch them without thinking. However, the leaning back method will definitely be helpful if you're having trouble.