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by Max Bellamy

The kickflip is probably the most popular and recognised flip trick in the skateboarding world. It is the foundation of many other flip tricks, and can be taken to extremes in both tech and burly styles of skating.

Description: The skater pops the tail of their board and kicks out with their front foot, causing the board to spin 360 degrees in a barrel roll movement, towards the heel side of their board.

Enough from me, here's Max.

A standard kickflip consists of the board making a full barrel roll rotation towards the skater's heel-side edge while airborne.

It's generally a good idea to learn kickflips earlier rather than later in your skating career as they are the basis of most if not all flip tricks. Although there are exceptions to this (including myself - I learned the "sex change" before the kickflip and others may learn to backside flip, varial flip or heelflip etc), in many cases the kickflip will be your first flip trick.

So now's where I tell you how to do one. First of all you want to have your back foot where it will gain a lot of pop but will allow you to keep steady. Your front foot should be at a 45-degree angle just below your front set of bolts.

Roll at a speed you are comfortable with and compress to gain pop. Pop with your back foot and almost simultaneously slide your front foot towards the heelside corner of your nose. "Up and Out" is a common way to describe this action. Bring your back foot up as well and catch your flip as high as possible. Keep your weight centred and spot and stick your landing. Roll away. Enjoy

There as almost endless variations to the kickflip, including kickflip boardslide, kickflip 50-50, kickflip 5-0, kickflip manual, kickflip indy, and as you can imagine the list goes on. The kickflip is also an excellent trick to do off stuff like stairs or gaps.